Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New blog address

My new blog... due to some technical problem on my old one...


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New Job, New expectation 2009

I started my new job effectively on the 1st April 2009. It is an April Fool day. What a day to start with a new job.

I told my friends back in Malaysia that I lost my job in Feb 09 and got a job and start a job today. They were a bit careful on it since it was April Fool day.
They disbelieved me and decided it was a joke. Anyway, it was not a joke and I am glad that I have this job. Orelse, I will be packing my clothes, selling my car and furniture by now.

What about expectation from the new job? My boss is a lady. Well, she is very famous in this company. (Gossip around the office about her, climbing the corporate ladder and earning big salary because of someone) For me, I just do my work. And hopefully, she could give me a pay rise. Talking about that, I had a 15% salary reduction moving from my old position to this current position doing spare parts and maintenance. My key responsible will be ordering spare parts for the existing machines. But, of course, I still have the chance to use my engineering skills. Especially, working with the supplier and clients to get the correct spares. I was specifically instructed not to help my previous boss in his work, as I am now working in a different department. But, I do help him after working hours. I guessed he hired me and help me alot previously. It is a deed that I can a least repay him... hahaha.. poor me.. i am doing more work now, but having a lower salary. sigh!!!

But, at the end of the day, I am happy that I can stay here..(for a while... not sure how long) and earning Aussie dollars. Wakakaka... So that I can spend comfortably back home. :P

Another expectation for myself is to get a PR. I have done my IELTS test last week. And I need a band 7 out of 9 to qualify for the application. Finger crossed now. If everything goes on well, I can start my application this MAY 09. The waiting list is about 1 year..... Pray hard hard now!!!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Light at the end of the tunnel

It is going to be 6 weeks since I got the news that I am being redundant by my company. My last day is on the 31st March 09. If I got redundant, my current company will cancelled my visa. After the cancellation, I have to leave Australia within 28 days.

I have been trying hard to look for a job from the western state to the eastern states. I even approached job hunters. Unfortunately, I am on work visa (457 visa), I need the employer to sponsor me to be in Australia before I can be hire. So far none is willing to hire me.

There are so many jobless people in Australia, and the companies out there can be very choosy. "Why choose to hire a foreigner, if I can hire local with higher skills." Currently, if you want to be a manager, you must have at least 10 plus years of working experience in the same field.

It was the darkest moment of my life.. and I need to make some decisions and future plans, like moving out from my current apartment (need to renew contract 6-12 months), trying to sell my car, trying to organise my flight to go back, looking for jobs (apply for internal transfer), applying for my own skill migration, and etc... all done within 6 weeks..

Today, I got a very great news from my company. My transfer to another department has been approved. YEAH!!!!! it has been approved. I am happy that I got a job now, and I can remain here for a while. But, I am still looking around for a better opportunity. I cannot complain more as this is a good deal for me to stay on the same company.

Now, it is like the chinese always say " I will take one steps at a time" - "kin po han po". I might get a better deal next time when the country boom again!

I was really lucky that I got this open position. The previous guy quit 1 week ago, giving me the change to fill-in.

Just lucky me!!!!!! Thank god!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

New Year, New Hope.. end hope!!!

It has been a very enjoyable Chinese New Year 2009 for me. I took almost 3 weeks off from work and I already had rumour that my company is going to lay off some people during that period. Well, it is my well deserved holiday, and i am taking it.

I have asked my supervisor to keep my update with the situation, and it was fine until i got back to Perth.

First day at work on the 16th Feb 2009, I was informed to meet the Director of Projects, Mr. Jen at 10.00am. And i knew that I was on the list. I was made redundant on that day. And my last day will be on the 31st March 2009. After that, I have 28 days to leave Perth before the immigration officer start looking for me. The "D" day to leave Perth will be on the 28th April 2009.

So many people are telling me to apply for an PR since I stepped into Perth. And I just take it easily. Now, I guessed I need to start doing some preparation for it. No harm applying for it. The most is that i will lose $5000 in application, medical, test and misc....
Yeah.. my main priority for now is book myself a place in the IELTS test.. and get a score of "7" out of "9". So scary and hard! I really hope that I can make it.

Finger all cross!!!!

Wish me luck!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Gong Xi Fatt Chai

It is always glad to be home. No wonder people always like to say.. "Home Sweet Home"

I have been eating non stop since I arrived home 2 days ago. I guessed, I will be eating non stop till the 15 days of the celebration.. haha.. I lost 10kg in 1 year. And I can see myself gainning back the lost weight during my 3 weeks holiday. *wink*..

Anyway, today is the 1st day of the Chinese New Year.

I would like to wish everyone a "Gong Xi Fatt Chai"

Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year 2009

It has been sometime since I update my blog.

Well, nothing much to update since it is all about work work work work... no play at all.

With the recession hitting Australia so badly, I am not sure whether I will have a job after I got back from my 3 weeks Chinese New Year holidays.

News have been spreading around our company that 10%, 25%, 50% and even 100% of the people will get the sack.... not sure how reliable it is, so many version. But, I am sure our company will come out with something to reduce their operating cost.

Today, our director arranged an urgent meeting to clear these rumours, and they are not real. He saind he has no knowledge of sacking anyone in the office and it is untrue. But, an announcement will be made next week. (Hmmm.. wonder what announcement.. everyone get the sack is the true rumour!)

I am not going to worry about it as I am going to enjoy my CNY holidays and be with my loves one. I am going to fly out from Perth tomorrow morning, and will be having my char koay teow by evening. Over here, I wish everyone


Monday, January 5, 2009

A brand new year, with a brand new start

Finally, the year is 2009. Left behind the year 2008, but I have been writing the date with the year 2008 on my time sheets and letters to my suppliers. Luckily, my eye sights still good and able to detect the error before sending out either by email or by post.

A very quiet week, and I guessed that no one is actually working to their optimum level yet. For me, I am currently at my 40% efficiency. (Very slack and occasionally "Fishing' in front of my computer) is fortunate that my boss will be back only after Wednesday 7/1/09. So, I have 3 days to do nothing or slacking away.. hahaha... notty me. I hope he is not reading this blog, or I will be in trouble. *wink*

Anyway, happy new year to everyone and the starting of this year shows positive movement on the share market. I have reduced my loses in shares and soon I will have positive gain... Cross my fingers!